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Cake Decoration and Sugarcraft

at Party Animal

At Party Animal, St Annes, Lancashire, we pride ourselves in being one of the foremost cake decoration equipment stockists in the country. Whatever you are looking for, a cutter or veiner to make sugar flowers or a rolling pin or straight edge to help cover your cakes for example, we have it here. With more than 25 years of cake decorating experience we can help and advise you if you are not too sure exactly what you need so don't be afraid to ask any of our capable staff.

Sugarcraft Tools & Equipment

We stock the full range of many of the most popular brands of tools and equipment such as Patchwork Cutters, Tinkertech Two, Orchard Cutters, P.M.E., F.M.M., Great Impressions and many others as well as being major stockists of Culpitt and Cakeboards products, including boards, boxes, tools and cutters.

The latest addition to our range are the fabulous Winsor Clikstix. Available in a number of different syles including alphabets, blossoms and stars and lots of other shapes.

Consumables & Edibles

Additionally we carry a good stock of consumables ranging from various marzipans and sugarpaste to cover your cake, including Renshaw and M&B pastes, to the petal dusts and food colours, including Sugarflair, Rainbow Dust and Squires Kitchen, to help finish the decoration. After many years of teaching cake decoration and making sugar flowers, we are well aware that different people favour different brands and so don't just stock the most popular or the cheapest but try to carry a full range.

Cake Decorations

To help non-cake decorators and cake decorators alike we have an excellent selection of ready made decorations for all occasions which can be used to enhance your home made creations or added to ready covered supermarket cakes to give a truly personalised finish at a reasonable cost. These range from simple plastic figures and mottos to elaborate ready made top decorations.

Amongst the most popular ranges are the hand made sugar flower sprays, sugar plaques for various occasions, shaped candles, and of course the wide range of bride and grooms available. Whatever the occasion: wedding, birthday, christening, graduation, anniversary and many more; there is a suitable range of decorations which can transform the simplest cake into a work of art!

Sugar Pictures

Another brilliant method of decorating your cake is by having your photograph put onto a sugar sheet which can then be used to decorate your cake. Any photograph, image, or drawing that can be photocopied can be produced in sugar. Simply bring in your original and we will transfer it to a sugar sheet for you to place onto your cake. This is a very popular method for giving your cakes a very individual design. Wedding photos are great on Anniversary cakes or baby pix on 21st cakes (though the recipient doesn't always agree!) We can even add names, messages and inscriptions for a really personal touch.

All of these products will soon be available from the online shop but if you would like any help please don't hesitate to contact us. After over 20 years of cake decorating classes in the shop many members of our staff have a good knowledge of which products to use for various techniques and will be happy to help. Alternatively you can contact us online at Party Animal should you require any advice and we will be glad to help!

Latest News

We are planning to have an online tutorial section with free tutorial sheets available for all levels of cake decoration skills and have started with a couple of our favourite recipes as well as worksheets on how to use the fabulous Patchwork Cutters range of cutters and embossers.

If you have a particular request for information on any aspect of cake decoration that you would like to see available online email me and I will try and get something on here for you!